A Dialogue with the Dalai Lama

On 16th and 17th September this year, Lord Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, now Master of Magdalene College hosted an unusual event in Cripps Court.  ‘Growing Wisdom, Changing People’: a Dialogue with the Dalai Lama was designed to ‘create a space where young people and leading thinkers and practitioners can explore in conversation with Lord Williams and His Holiness the concept of Universal Responsibility and what it can mean for the world’.

The 80-year-old monk, regarded by many Buddhists as the 14th reincarnation of their traditional spiritual leader had to endure loud protests from an organisation claiming to represent an alternative Buddhist sect.

I was asked to take a few pictures behind the scenes, some general shots of the conference and to take a group shot in the auditorium of all the delegates with Bishop Rowan Williams and the Dalai Lama. The latter I did by standing on a chair I’d placed on the stage to give me the height I needed. After only a few frames, I lost my balance and fell off the chair and right off the stage to land at the feet of His Holiness who helped me up.

Amgen Scholars Symposium

Amgen Scholars have the opportunity to work alongside experienced Cambridge University faculty members, including some of the world’s top academic scientists. They work during the summer holidays undertaking hands-on laboratory research, and actively contribute to the advancement of science. Applications from undergraduates across Europe number in their thousands but only 80 are selected – these kids are the brightest of the brightest.

A signature component of the summer program is the symposium where students hear firsthand from leading scientists working in industry and academia. Over the course of the symposium, Scholars have the chance to share their summer research projects with their peers and deepen their understanding of drug discovery and development.

This is my second year covering the event and it’s a delight to spend time again with such energetic and optimistic young people.

International Forum

Forum is a business club. A private network that extends through the personal recommendation of the existing membership. Members are drawn from the senior echelons of London’s financial community, entrepreneurs, principals & owners of family offices and luxury brands.

The ‘International Forum’ was hosted for 120 Forum members from across the world at Spencer House and Kensington Palace on Thursday 20th November 2014. The day began with Lord Rothschild welcoming Forum members, followed by speeches from Dr Pippa Malmgren (former economic advisor to the White House), Lord Bell (Chairman, Bell Pottinger), and John Micklethwaith (Editor in Chief) and Dr Adrian Wooldridge (Management Editor) of The Economist.